About Exton Howard

Exton Howard is running for State Senate District 32 because he feels he can be a champion for helping all of our district’s citizens. He believes every Georgian deserves high quality healthcare and a top notch education. He also wants to bring in high quality STEM jobs to the area.

Exton graduated from Northern Arizona University where he double majored in Advertising and Electronic Media and now works as a director at The Weather Channel. He has had the privilege of living across the United States and now has settled in Georgia with his wife, Marian, where they plan to live the rest of their lives.


Exton believes everyone is equal and always has been. Everyone deserves a fair shot at the best future that they can achieve. These values were instilled in him from a very young age.

Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, he helped organize one of their largest annual fundraising events. But even more importantly, Exton was a mentor to a troubled young man who was struggling to find his way in the world as a teenager. Exton's mentee is now well on his way to a promising career in law enforcement.

Exton is an avid outdoorsman. He spends his spare time hiking, backpacking, camping, and white water rafting. Exton also loves to work with his hands. He does the yard work, fixes what breaks around the house, and maintains both his and his wife's car. When his friends call up with problems on their cars, he says bring it by and they tear it apart together. All of this can do attitude comes from when he grew up on a farm in the midwest. His parents do the vast majority of work around the farm and have instilled the same value of hard work in Exton and his siblings.

As a director in the media, Exton has had the opportunity to meet and help interview many politicians, and that is what sparked his interest in running for public office. With his values from his parents and his life experiences, combined with his desire to help people, Exton decided to run for State Senate to help all Georgians. He planned to run for election in 2018, but with the seat becoming unexpectedly open due to a resignation, Exton's campaign was spurred into early action.

So join us on April 18th and let’s Elect Exton Howard for State Senate District 32!

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