Transparency and Open Government

The lack of Transparency in the Georgia Senate is appalling. The fact is that we work for the people. Committee proceedings and the floor votes should be streamed live to the internet so voters can be informed and keep up to date on the issues. And then they should be archived so our citizens can look at former meetings and see what actually happened and what was actually said.

And I pledge to have Town Halls and continue to talk with people in my district to answer their questions and address their concerns. I believe it is important to stay in touch with the voters and have a respectful discourse.


I am a firm believer that everyone, no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation should ever be discriminated against. I will fight to protect equal rights for all here in Georgia. I will oppose any legislation that I feel infringes on the rights of our citizens or legalizes discrimination.


We have an excessive amount of congestion in the district and the surrounding areas. And it's just going to worse as we get more people moving to the district. I propose a modern light rail that will connect to the current MARTA line in Atlanta. In addition, we need to extend the MARTA line from Sandy Springs to Alpharetta. I will work across the aisle to get the support and the funding to ease the congestion that makes all of our commutes too long.

Cobb County Board of Commissioners recently voted to consider putting a commuter rail on the CSX Freight line which is up for lease renewal at the end of 2019. This would mean we can build spurs to stations, a spur to the Brave's Stadium, and a spur to a MARTA station to connect it with the rest of the system. Without connecting it to the rest of the system, it would be pretty pointless.


Every Georgian deserves high quality schooling. I will oppose any bill that allows the state to takeover and transfer of our public schools to private companies. I propose sending more funding to failing schools to help give those schools the resources that they need to help all of Georgia’s students. I will also fight against any laws that would restrict or eliminate our teacher’s organizations.

I believe that every student in Georgia needs access to classes such as Home Economics, Shop, Automotive, Finance, and Civics. This way out students will have some like skills when they graduate from high school. I also want to expand the HOPE scholarship. I don’t believe a financial barrier should be the deciding factor for any of our students on whether they receive a college degree. I also want to make sure HOPE covers Trade Schools because I believe people should be able to go into whatever field they wish while benefiting from it.




We need to bring more high quality jobs in the STEM fields to Georgia. I propose incentives to bring more companies here, just as we have successfully used to turn Georgia into one of the leading film and TV production states in the nation. At the same time, I support increasing Georgia’s minimum wage so all Georgians can make a better living. I work in the television business and understand the need for companies to be able to control their costs, but we also need to make sure that all Georgians who work full time earn a wage that they can live on.



All Georgians deserve high quality, affordable health care as a right. We need to push to bring down healthcare costs while raising the quality and accessibility of health care for all. I believe no one should go broke just because they cannot afford insurance or get sick. It is outrageous that Georgia has the 3rd highest uninsured rate in the country. I think that Georgia should accept the Medicaid expansion available to the states under the Affordable Care Act (Or any successor law enacted by the U.S. Congress) to help lower- and middle-income Georgians get greater access to affordable healthcare.

Additionally, I am proposing a bill that says if you cannot afford your medication, we will get you the lifesaving medication that you need. There is no excuse for people dying because they cannot afford their medication in this great country.


I believe that Governor Deal should Veto the Campus Carry Legislation. I do not think guns belong on College Campuses, in our schools, or in our government buildings. That being said, I grew up on a farm in the Midwest and my dad taught me how to shoot and hunt. I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment. I also believe that the government has the responsibility to provide safety and security to all of our citizens. And when I talk with gun owners, we all have the same goal. We want to keep firearms out of the hands of the Mentally Ill, Criminals, and Terrorists. I propose a background check on every gun sale. This policy is backed by about 90% of Democrats and 80 % of Republicans. I feel it is the right policy for us to fulfill the government’s responsibility and respect the rights of all Americans.

Women’s Rights


I have always been a staunch believer that a person is a person, no matter what. This is the reason that I believe women’s rights are human rights. A woman’s right to choose is her choice. The government shall not impede her access to a safe procedure. In addition, we need to increase access to contraceptives and education. I have always believed this and will always fight for this. I also believe that we should fully fund Planned Parenthood so that women can get easy access to all of the wonderful services provided by their clinics.

I also believe that every Georgian, no matter their gender, deserves equal pay for equal work. It is the right thing to do.


Religious Liberty

Every Georgian, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, deserves equal rights and equal protection under the law. In the current form, the Religious Liberty bills allow people to discriminate. Last year, Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, Disney, Intel, and the Film Industry threatened to leave if Governor Deal did not veto the law because these types of laws lack inclusion. We need to bring high-tech, high paying, good jobs to Atlanta and Georgia. Bills like this will make companies shy away from coming here. The churches need to step up and be leaders with their faith and promote inclusion of all.

The Environment

Every Georgian deserves clean water, clean air, and wonderful wilderness areas to enjoy. I will fight tirelessly to protect our great state's natural beauty and clean waterways.

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